Youth Group

Our Mission

  • To ensure the 9th & 10th grade religious instructional program is ideally positioned to prepare students for Confirmation.
  • To create a close community environment for the youth of our community where they can be themselves and express their faith in an exciting and fulfilling manner.
  • To foster a stronger fellowship between our students.
  • To strengthen the relationships that our students have with God.
  • To have fun!

Our Goals

  • To coordinate ‘Service Hour Projects’ for our students so they may learn one of the key components of our faith, charity.
  • To plan social activities for our students in order for them to create a close community amongst themselves as well as to simply let loose and have fun.

Our Invitation

  • If you would like to lend your support to the Youth Group please contact the parish.
  • We would be both pleased and excited to welcome your membership!

Evolution of our Ministry

  • Our ministry began in the Fall of 2011. The first year has been a learning experience in seeing in which way the ministry should be directed towards. Our goal in the next few years is to build up a strong community of youth within our Church where they can come together and share, in fellowship, their faith with one another. We would like to see this ministry flourish into a community that can eventually be led by the students.