Liturgy and Worship

Our Mission

  • To fashion the Eucharistic celebration as the center of our Catholic faith community’s unique encounter with the risen Christ.
  • To promote weekend liturgies where the faith community truly becomes “church” as activities, ministries, and programs find their meaning and sustenance in the celebration of holy Mass.

Our Goals

  • To fashion various liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations such as Liturgies for Children, Mass of Remembrance, Anointing of the Sick, Parish Feast Day Mass, Lenten and Advent devotion, Divine Mercy Sunday, and Benediction.
  • To interact with all parish ministries and organizations to celebrate “around the altar” the “richness” of the virtuous works they each contribute to the faith community.


  • Father Gene Gianelli    203.387.7119
  • Mrs. Janice Wivagg
  • Mrs. Patricia DiBuduo
  • Dr. Keith Smolinski
  • Mr. John DeSarbo
  • Healthcare Ministry Representative

Our Invitation

  • The above liturgical roles are always in need of new members, to join please contact Father Gene Gianelli directly.

Special Information

Activities and Volunteer Opportunities

  • The committee oversees and trains lectors, altar servers, Special Ministers of the Eucharist and ushers.

Alter Servers

  • Boys and girls, grades 4 through senior high school, assist at weekend liturgies and weddings. Adult servers assist at funerals.
  • If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Denise Herbert 203.387.7119.

Lector Ministry

  • Lectors publicly proclaim the Word of the Lord during daily and Sunday Mass and on special liturgical feasts.
  • If you are interested in becoming a Lecturer, please call the rectory or Chairperson Mrs. Rosemarie DiRienzo at 203.389.9698.

Eucharistic Ministry

  •       Pope Paul VI authorized Special Ministers of Communion to share the body & blood of Christ with fellow worshippers at Mass and with those confined to their homes.
  •       If you are interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister, please contact the Father Gene Gianelli at 203.387.7119.

Usher Ministry 

  •      Ushers are the ministers of hospitality welcoming and helping people, distributing bulletins, collecting weekly offerings, and answering questions about upcoming events.
  •      If you are interested in becoming an Usher, please call the rectory or Chairperson: Mr. Ben DiCenzo 203.393.2077.

Altar Linens Mission

  •       The purpose of the Altar Linen Committee is to provide clean linens for the priest to use during mass at both church locations.
  •       If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Theresa DeSarbo at 203.393.3105.

Small Christian Communities

  •       The mission of the Small Christian Communities is to promote and support small Christian groups that meet regularly to increase spirituality and knowledge of scripture.
  •       There are two groups in the Church which meet in parishioners’ homes. One group meets on Wednesday mornings and the second group meets on Thursday evenings.
  •       If you would like more information, please contact Mrs. Denise Herbert at 203.387.7119.