Ladies Guild

Our Mission

  • Provide support to the parish and priests of Our Lady of the Assumption Church, foster a sense of community among its parishioners, practice social work and charity, and promote the Catholic faith and the parish’s presence to the greater community.

Our Goals

  • To organize and/or assist with parish receptions and other functions.
  • To develop activities focused on bringing parishioners together in a social setting.
  • To encourage younger families to actively participate in parish activities.
  • To provide service awards to graduating seniors furthering their education.
  • To make charitable donations and engage in social work within the surrounding community.


  • President – Linda Reilly
  • Vice Presidents – Elaine Ballerini & MaryEllen Faroni
  • Secretaries – Melissa Burke & Debbie Siena
  • Treasurer – Anne Boucher

Our Invitation

  • We invite you to join the Ladies Guild and become part of an active, vibrant group of woman, committed to promoting catholic faith, charitable work and social activities.
  • Ladies Guild meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. in the Rectory Meeting Room the second Monday of each month from October to May.
  • Membership dues are $15.00 and all proceeds are used to further our cause. To join, please contact Ann Marie Schoppman, Membership Chair at