Healthcare Ministry

Our Mission

  • It is our mission for 2012 and beyond to embrace the church’s mission and concern for the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical well being of the individual and the whole family within our parish and its neighboring community.
  • We aim to engage everyone in preventative, supportive, and educational health by promoting activities as we strive to live in the spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The Eucharistic Ministers reach out to the home-bound at home, hospitals, nursing/convalescent homes, and assisted-living facilities to address the evolving and special needs of our human family.

Our Goals

Our goals are inclusive of and not limited to:

  • Supportive Service Activities
  • Continued home and Eucharistic visitations
  • Supporting Blood Drives
  • Lending support at funerals and during times of bereavement
  • Facilitating Preventative Health Focused Activities


  • Mrs. Dorothy Malerba   203.393.2485

Our Invitation

  • We are pleased to invite you to join our ministry!
  • To join contact Mrs. Malerba or Father Gianelli who will share with you the group’s mission and more importantly, partner with you in making a difference in people’s lives!