Communication and Publicity

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to spread the “Good News” and vitality of Our Lady of Assumption Parish to the greater community of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge .
  • To foster, welcome  and encourage future participation in our activities thereby improving and facilitating positive community relations.

Our Goals

  • To ensure the timely, accurate, and secure communication of information utilizing printed and/or electronic media.
  • To disseminate information regarding our parish’s events / activities in a succinct and efficient manner.


  • Mr. Carlos Alvarez     203.393.0387

Our Invitation

  • If you would like to lend your talents to this ministry please contact Mrs. Lor Fernandes for more information.

Special Information

Church Bulletin

  • Hard copies of the weekly Service Bulletin are available at the end of each weekend mass.
  • Electronic (soft) copies of the Service Bulletin can be accessed via the homepage on the parish’s website.
  • If you would like to publish information in the bulletin please contact Mrs. Denise Herbert at 203-387.7119 at least two weeks in advance.

Parish Website

  • The parish website is intended to host news and event information as it relates to our parish and it’s ministries.
  • To publish information or to provide suggestions regarding the site, please contact ‘Web Master’ via the ‘Contact Us’ form found along the navigation bar above.

Local Publications

  • To publish your announcement or event in the local press please contact Mrs. Lor Ferrante Fernandes at 203.393.2434 or email her at