Marriage Preparation

Marriage is a sacrament and as such is a visible sign of an invisible reality to the world of God’s living presence in our midst.
Engaged couples must notify the Pastor of their intentions to marry at least six months prior to the celebration of the sacrament.

The Marriage Preparation Process begins in mid-January followed by a day-long seminar on the first Sunday of March.
When these dates cannot accommodate an engaged couple, the Pastor will refer the couple to an Archdiocesan program.

At Our Lady of the Assumption Parish a four session program for engaged couples consists of:

  • The administering of F.A.C.E.T (A conversation and educational tool)
  • A day-long gathering intended to discuss practical and essential topics for living one’s marriage faithfully
  • Review of the F.A.C.E.T. and recording biographical data
  • Planning the Liturgy and rehearsal

The Marriage preparation Process is overseen by the Pastor who is ably assisted by

  • Dr. and Mrs. John (Ellen) Aversa
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas (Erica) Cambell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Cathy) Dudeff
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick (Rhoda) Geoghegan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Kimberly) Schiavone

Marriage License

If you are planning to marry, you and your spouse-to-be must appear in person at a local vital records office to apply for a marriage license.  The marriage license is issued to ensure that you and your spouse-to-be are eligible to be married.  You must apply for your marriage license at the vital records office of the town where the marriage is to take place.  Helpful Link:  Woodbridge, CT Vital  Records Office.

Music Related Information

Music Selection

– In preparation for your upcoming ceremony, you will receive a packet including a CD containing some of the most commonly requested hymns for weddings. Use this list as a starting point to pick music that would correspond well with your readings. Any selections desired and not on this list should be approved by the music director well in advance as music may need to be provided.

– It is strongly recommended couples who want vocalists and/or instrumentalists put in these requests as early as possible so proficient musicians and vocalists can be provided. Guest musicians and vocalists should be approved by the music director ASAP.

Music Director
– Dr. Keith Smolinski             203-490-9423