Marriage Encounter

What is a Worldwide Marriage Encounter?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter offers a weekend experience designed to give married couples the opportunity to learn a technique of loving communication that they can use for the rest of their lives. It’s a chance to look deeply into their relationship with each other and with God. The emphasis of the Marriage Encounter weekend is on communication between husbands and wives. The weekend provides an environment for couples to spend time together while encouraging them to focus on each other and their relationship. It’s a unique approach aimed at revitalizing Marriage.

What happens on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is unique in that a series of presentations are given by a team of Catholic couples and a priest. Each presentation allows you to look at yourself as an individual, and then to look at your relationship to those with whom you live and work and to whom you minister. Finally, you are led to look at your relationship with God, the Church as a whole, and the world. The atmosphere is relaxed and non-invasive.

What does the Weekend Cost?

On the weekend, you will be asked to make a donation to cover the expenses of lodging, food, and materials. Ordinarily a non-refundable application fee of $25-$100 is required. There is limited capacity; so early application is encouraged.

What are the start and stop times for the Weekend?

The Weekend normally starts around 7:30pm on Friday and ends around 5:00pm on Sunday. We provide all meals on Saturday and Sunday, but you will need to eat dinner prior to arriving on Friday.

When & Where are Marriage Encounters Held? How do I apply?

Applying for a weekend is simple. Follow this link to find a weekend near you and then fill out the application form. Below is a summary of 2011 encounter dates and locations.

Where do I get more information on Worldwide Marriage Encounters?

Please reference the following website for more information: Worldwide Marriage Encounters.

Feb 17 – 19 Rockville, MD and Kearneysville, WV
March 02 – 04 Avalon, NJ
March 10 – 11 Cooperstown, NY
March 16 – 18 Doylestown, PA
April 20 – 22 East Hartford, CT
April 22 – 24 East Elmhurst, NY
May 18 – 20 Bayshore, NY and Elverson, PA and Newark,OH
June 01 – 03 Vineland, NJ
June 15 – 17 Canadaigua, NY
June 22 – 24 Medway, MA
July 13 – 15
East Hartford, CT
July 23 – 25 Newry, ME
July 27 – 29 Somerset, NJ
August 03 – 05 Elmhurst, NY and Morristown, NJ
September 14 – 16 East Hartford, CT and Medway MA
September 21 – 23 Vineland, NJ
October 05 – 07 Morristown, NJ
October 19 – 21 Somerset, NJ
October 26 -28 Manchester, NH
November 02 – 04 Bayshore, NY
November 03 – 04 Stony Point, NY
November 16 – 18 East Hartford, CT
December 07 – 09 Duxbury, MA