Christmas Thank You!

Dear Friends,

I wish to extend my gratitude to those who have made Christmas and the Christmas season a beautiful and meaningful experience. Dr. Keith Smolinski, the Adult and Children Choirs, soloist and instrumentalists enhanced our Liturgies. To lectors, Special Minister of the Eucharist, altar servers and ushers a mighty kudos.

The sanctuaries and naves of our churches were decorated exquisitely by John DeSarbo and his staff. Special acknowledgement is extended to Steve Sappo who volunteered to work with John. The outdoor crèches at our churches and outdoor Christmas tree at Center Road greeted all of us as we came to Mass. I thank Frank Ciarlieglio and his son who erected the crèches and Paul Longo, John DeSarbo and his daughter, Faith who decorated the tree. It is a mini-Rockefeller Center tree.

The generosity of parishioners who made monetary gifts to our faith community at Christmas and throughout the Christmas season will hopefully help us to end the year without a deficit. In a later bulletin Father and the Finance Council will offer a detailed report on the Capital Improvement Roof Campaign. I also wish to extend my deepest gratitude to those who sent me Christmas cards and personal gifts. I was deeply touched by your kindnesses. May we all enjoy choicest blessing during the New Year.

Your Priest and Friend,

Father Gene